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Offshore Wind Trailblazer

Eligibility & Criteria

  • Individual
  • Nominee’s background showcases expertise as it relates to this award. Describe any previous award or recognition received for this achievement or that demonstrates track record of leadership qualities.
  • The achievements and leadership undertaken by the individual demonstrate a substantial contribution to the betterment of the offshore wind industry. It also shows innovation, future-thinking impact, and serves as a model for industry peers as a way to grow and elevate the industry.
  • Their leadership reflects an understanding that innovation and success come through the inclusion of different perspectives, experiences, and a broad range of ideas.

Oceantic Network board members, Awards Committee, and jurors are ineligible during their terms of service.

Process & Submission Requirements

Application materials must be submitted as a single PDF file via the online portal. Use the Award Nomination Template to create your submission. Each page must include the entry category, project title (as applicable), and page number at the top. Use 12-point Times New Roman font, single space. The Award Application submission should include:

  • Title page: Include the name of the individual and, if applicable, project name, and project location.
  • Nomination Overview: Include the Nominated Name (individual); Nominating Name (if different entity); Submitting Individual/s name, email; Nominated Point of Contact/s name, email; Short Description of why they are being nominated (75 words or less). NOTE: This description will provide the basis for all publicity for the nomination.  
  • Executive Summary (max 500 words): A brief overview of the individual and their impact on the offshore wind industry. Explain all factors that exhibit the person’s uniqueness and impact on the development of the offshore wind industry, such as innovative engineering, challenges faced, and overall social impact.
  • Description (min 300 words | max 2,000 words): Address the criteria for the category you are entering. Describe why this person is worthy of special recognition. Entrants may use text, photos, graphics, charts as needed.
  • Overview (do not exceed 5 pages): Showcase information, outline any highlighted project description/approach (including problem solved, if applicable), implementation strategy, results and outcomes, owner/client (if applicable), as well as outlines key ways this participant led efforts, made changes, or demonstrated leadership, and images. Access the Submission Template.
  • Images: High resolution headshot or group photo and company logo (300 dpi).
  • Letter of Recommendation (max 500 words): Provide no more than three letters of recommendation which include clear examples addressing how the individual meets eligibility criteria. Letters must be submitted by an independent, well respected professional from within the offshore wind industry.
    All applicants will be judged solely on their submitted materials.

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