U.S. Offshore Wind Pathway Program

Key Highlights: 

  • U.S. Offshore Wind Industry Intelligence

    Throughout the Pathway Program, which will be conducted both online and in person, the Network provides information on products and services in high demand in the U.S. offshore wind sector and offers input on program applicants for company selection.

  • Industry Mentoring

    The Network assigns U.S. industrial experts as mentor(s) to each company participating in the Pathway Program. Mentoring companies will work one-on-one with individual businesses and guide them throughout the 15-week program.

  • Market Strategy & Entry

    The Network provides guidance and develops a tailored strategy for how each company should approach the U.S. market. All companies receive an in-depth training on the U.S. offshore wind industry, from permitting to construction. In addition, each company will receive a customized training program and one-on-one support to help identify specific products and services that will benefit the U.S. supply chain.

    Companies will learn how to conduct competitor research, cost analysis, and build strategies for differentiation. Company mentors will provide ideas, suggestions, and technical support on how to improve products and services.

  • Business Development & Partner Sourcing 

    After completing the training and research component of the program, companies will have the opportunity to meet with up to five interested U.S. partners, based on analysis of their products and services and demand of the supply chain.

  • Maintaining & Growing Industry Connections 

    Each selected company receives a one-year corporate level membership to Oceantic Network. Network membership allows companies to attend virtual and in-person educational programs and networking events as well as staying updated on market development throughout the year.

Get in Touch:

If you are interested in participating in the U.S. Offshore Wind Pathway Program, please contact Bettina Geissbuehler, who is the Network’s director of business development and global outreach by submitting a form on our contact us page. 

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