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Business Network for Offshore Wind Celebrates 10 Years

This year the Oceantic Network, formerly the Business Network for Offshore Wind, celebrates 10 years of bringing the offshore wind industry together to connect, innovate, and collaborate. For a decade we have proudly focused on building a robust domestic supply chain that will create jobs, revitalize communities, and provide clean energy.


    • Business Network for Maryland Offshore Wind founded in July

    • Maryland passes offshore wind bill Federal government holds first offshore wind lease auction 

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    • First International Partnering Forum (IPF) takes place in Baltimore
    • Network hosts first offshore wind tour to Europe

    • Federal government holds offshore wind lease auction near Maryland

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    • Network expands outside of Maryland

    • White House holds Offshore Wind Summit 

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    • First IPF outside of Maryland takes place in Newport, Rhode Island
    • Network publishes first annual U.S. Offshore Wind Market Report

    • Block Island, the first U.S. offshore wind farm, becomes operational
    • Massachusetts passes 1.6 GW offshore wind bill 

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    • Network cohosts California Offshore Wind Symposium

    • South Fork Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is signed
    • Maryland awards ORECs to Skipjack and Marwin
    • New York sets its first offshore wind goal 

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    • Network hosts Floating Frontiers in Texas and California
    • Launches Supply Chain Connect and Offshore Wind Insider podcast
    • Network holds first Finance Forum and Virginia Offshore Wind Executive Summit 

    • New Jersey sets 3.5 GW offshore wind goal
    • First component facility announced in South Carolina

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    • Network’s L100 Summit calls for planned transmission and supply chain roadmap
    • Hosts Big Data, AI & Blockchain in Massachusetts

    • Virginia announces largest U.S. offshore wind project 

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    • Network launches the Offshore Wind Job Fair
    • Hosts Virtual IPF in response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

    • Dominion Energy’s Coastal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project is completed
    • First U.S. WTIV, the Charybdis, is ordered 

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    • Network launches OSW Market Dashboard, Foundation 2 Blade training, and Ventus Awards  

    • Federal government announces 30 GW by 2030 offshore wind goal
    • The first commercial-scale project, Vineyard Wind, receives permitting 

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    • Network passes 500-member mark
    • Launches Global Gateway and Pathways program

    • Inflation Reduction Act passes
    • Federal government announces 15 GW by 2035 floating offshore wind goal 

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    • Network celebrates 10 Years

    • The first (Vineyard Wind) and second (South Fork Wind Farm) commercial-scale projects projected to begin operations for Offshore Wind • 501(c)(3) 

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