Foundation 2 Blade

Foundation 2 Blade Offers 6 Comprehensive Learning Modules:

  • Introduction To Offshore Wind

    Gain a comprehensive overview of offshore wind, from its early days in Denmark to its current status as a global renewable energy industry. Learn about key markets in Europe, Asia, and South America and what businesses are needed to grow the U.S.-based supply chain. 

  • Siting And Permitting

    The siting and permitting phase of an offshore wind project includes: site evaluation and investigations, securing the site, project approvals and financing, and procurement. Learn about the specific business opportunities in this early phase of offshore wind development. 

  • Manufacturing

    Thousands of small components are needed in the manufacturing of turbines, foundations, cables, vessels, and onshore and offshore substations. Many of these components can be fabricated locally, offering robust opportunities for small to large manufacturers. 

  • Construction And Installation

    The construction and installation phase of an offshore wind project requires multiple port facilities, a variety of vessels, extensive planning, and adherence to strict health and safety standards. This later phase of offshore wind development offers multiple opportunities for a diverse set of business sectors. 

  • Operations And Maintenance

    The safe, clean, efficient, and profitable generation of electrical power from wind is the objective of all preceding phases of an offshore wind project. Learn what is needed to maintain an established wind farm and learn if your business can play a role. 

  • Entering The Offshore Wind Supply Chain

    Based on its size and complexity, offshore wind requires the work of many diverse industry sectors. Understanding how and where a company fits into the process is key to winning a contract. 

image for A Deep Dive into Offshore Wind Education

A Deep Dive into Offshore Wind Education

Watch a short video to learn more about Foundation 2 Blade, the industry's premier training designed for businesses ready to take advantage of the opportunities in the industry.

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